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Holy Cross

Holy Cross

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Jupiter Class


Term 3 Review

Wow!  What an awesome half-term we have had in Jupiter class.  The children continue to amaze and astound me with the way in which they approach their learning and how they are continually developing the skills to cope with the times when they are stuck, confused or just get something wrong.  They are showing me more and more each day that they understand that learning is a journey and I could not be any prouder of the transformation that I have seen in the class since September.


This half-term the theme through which we have weaved our learning has been 'Crime and Punishment', and I know the children have particularly enjoyed finding out about how Crime and Punishment has changed through History (especially the gruesome bits!).  As well as enjoying some brilliant books (The London Eye Mystery, Emil and the Detectives, Holes), discovering all about the human life cycle in Science and exploring the world of division, some of the highlights this term include:

Campaign Against Plastic Week - the school held a week to focus on the imapct of plastic within our local community and on a more global scale, and looked at the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling our plastic waste.  Within our class we focussed on the problems which plastic causes for our native wildlife, as well as those animals living in the oceans.  The children each created a story showing the impact on an animal of their choosing and then selected a way to share their story.  This was one of those times when I was bowled over by the creativity, engagement and quality of what the children produced, including puppet shows, picture books, pop-up books and comic books.

Home Learning Celebration - after talking to the children about how we could improve Home Learning, we decided to try something different for Term 3 in Jupiter Class.  The children chose one project to work on throughout the 6 week term, and it was allowed to be anything they wanted, as long as it linked to our topic.  From conversations we had had in the class I knew that we were in for a treat, but I was not prepared for how amazing the projects which the chidren brough in would be!  There were animations, board games, documentaries, models, paintings, information books, a musical composition and even a song!  We held a celebration afternoon where the children had the opportunity to share and enjoy each other's projects and this was my favourite afternoon of the term by far.  It made me immensely proud to be Jupiter class' teacher!



Term 2 Review

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Gosh!  What a busy term we've had!  The children have been working incredibly hard and their learning has gone from strength to strength.  Our theme has been Shipwrecked and we have immersed ourselves in all things aquatic.  As well as collaborating in Forest School, amazing maths work on multiplication and having fun exploring Forces in Science, some of the highlights this term include:

English - we used Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe to help us write diary entries and poetry, imagining we have found ourselves marooned on a desert island. 

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History - we learned about how ships have changed throughout history, as well as all about the rise and fall of The British Empire.

RE - the school held a Day of Prayer and we focussed on the value of compassion.  We created a beautiful prayer space in our classroom, decorated reflective pebbles and wrote a class prayer.

Dear God,
Help us think about those who are less fortunate than us,
Please help everyone have enough food so that they don't feel hungry,
Pray that homeless people can get a warm home to keep them safe,
Spare a thought for people who have never drunk clean water,
We hope sick people get better and that in the future the whole world has medicine
Help people to live a happy life and care for each other.