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Holy Cross

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PE & Sport Premium

What are the benefits and effects of the Sport Premium?

Pupils in Key Stage 2 have participated in inter-school competitions which have been held at least once a month. This has increased the children's confidence and success in competitions.

The Sport Premium has facilitated pupil participation in both Inter and Intra School Sports and has provided children with the opportunity to succeed in activities to which they may not otherwise have had access.  As a consequence, the children's achievements encourage their personal enjoyment of physical activity and also motivate their peers and younger age groups, to take part in future events.

  Parent comment about wealth of sports participated in at Holy Cross

Holy Cross CE Primary School is delighted to have been awarded the Silver School Games Mark!

 School Games Award
How does the Sport Premium help our school?
  • Pupils are able to participate in events away from our school premises eg at Uckfield Community Technology College (UCTC) as school staff are funded to accompany them to, and remain with them at the activities.  Parents therefore do not have to transport their children or be present, thus ensuring that all pupils are able to attend and that full teams can be fielded.
  • 100% of Year 6 pupils were able to participate in inter-school competitions.
  • UCTC offers Holy Cross pupils the ability to access a greater range of sporting activities than those available at a Primary School, eg Paralympic Sports, badminton and cross country.
  • The UCTC Sports Ambassadors share an enthusiasm for sport which influences Holy Cross pupils and increases their enjoyment of the activities: they act as excellent role models for our children.
  • Every child at Holy Cross was able to participate in our highly successful and enjoyable school Sports Day held in Term 6. Favourable comments were received from parents and carers, regarding the traditional competitive format of the event.
  • The school was able to demonstrate its 'commitment to and development of competition, school sport and physical education', thus fulfilling the prescribed criteria required to be awarded the Silver School Games Award.
To view our Sport Premium Grant Report, please click on a link below:
            Sport Premium Report 2019-2020

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