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Holy Cross

Holy Cross

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Our Christian Character

We asked parents and carers the following questions, to gauge their opinions about the distinctive Christian character of our school.

(Data Collected May 2016)

Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
1 Staff at Holy Cross demonstrate that they value my child's achievements across all areas of the curriculum and school life, eg through rewards, 'Share and Praise' assemblies. 59.1% 36.4% 4.5% 0.0%
2 My child is provided with the opportunity for prayer and reflection in Collective Worship and at other times. 45.5% 54.5% 0.0% 0.0%
3 Collective Worship is an important part of the school day at Holy Cross. 40.9% 54.5% 4.5% 0.0%
4 Holy Cross promotes clearly defined Christian values within the curriculum, Collective Worship and other activities. 40.9% 54.5% 0.0% 0.0%
5 My child is encouraged to show an interest in the wider community (local and world), eg through links with other schools, fundraising or practical support. 22.7% 63.6% 13.6% 0.0%
6 Links with the church help my child to feel nurtured as part of a Christian community. 50.0% 40.9% 9.1% 0.0%
7 Religious Education at Holy Cross helps my child to think about the big questions in life, such as 'Is there a God?' and 'Who made the world?'  40.9% 54.5% 4.5% 0.0%
8 Religious Education is an important subject at Holy Cross. 36.4% 54.5% 9.1% 0.0%
We also asked for any comments that parents and carers would like to add - please find these below:
"I chose the school because it was a C of E school, because it was close to the church and more than one or two assemblies were held there per year."
"It is good that they actually have worship in church, as well as in school."
"Re Q6 - Links are continuing to grow with the new services and coffee mornings; Re Q8 - Religious Education is always improving;  GENERAL: Ethos is extremely important at Holy Cross, which is evident in the continuous efforts to bring the school and church together.  School traditions such as the school prayer and the lighting of the candle at daily worship etc, show the importance of Christian Values at the school. The fact that Year 6 leavers are presented with a Bible at the end of the year shows the school's commitment to the children, encouraging them to maintain the Christian Values they have learnt at Holy Cross.  I see the Christian character of the school improve, with every visit."
"Re Q4 and Q7 - It is difficult to comment on these areas, as the only evidence we have are comments from our child and the occasional viewing of school books.  Unless parents are present during classes, or have unrestricted access to the material for a prepared lesson, it is not possible to give a truly balanced comment."
"It would be nice to forge stronger links with the local community, not in a fundraising capacity, but in a more practical way ie going to nursing homes and singing.  A lot of young people today do not understand the value of the elderly or disabled people."

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