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Holy Cross

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Governors' Survey 2016

Governors' Annual Survey of Parents and Carers Views 2016

Parents and carers were asked a series of questions about our school in March 2016.
Please find the distribution of results below, compiled from the respondents:
(Data Collected March 2016)
  Question Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
1 Holy Cross School is a caring place with clear Christian Values. 57% 43% 0% 0%
2 My child was well supported when starting school. 36% 57% 7% 0%
3 My child feels / children feel safe at school. 36% 64% 0% 0%
4 My child is / children are making good progress at school. 64% 29% 7% 0%
5 My child finds / children find the curriculum offered interesting. 36% 64% 0% 0%
6 The school meets my child's / children's particular needs. 43% 50% 7% 0%
7 The school helps my child / children to develop skills in communication, reading, writing and mathematics. 57% 43% 0% 0%
8 The school helps me to support my child's / children's learning. 57% 43% 0% 0%
9 The school ensures my child is / children are well looked after. 43% 57% 0% 0%
10 My child is / children are taught well at school. 50% 50% 0% 0%
11 There is a good standard of behaviour at the school. 7% 86% 7% 0%
12 My child's / children's lessons are not disrupted by bad behaviour. 29% 64% 7% 0%
13 My child is / children are not bullied or harassed at school. 29% 57% 7% 7%
14 The school deals effectively with any cases of bullying [Bullying includes persistent name calling, cyber, racist and homophobic bullying.] 21% 64% 7% 7%
15 The school helps my child / children have a healthy lifestyle. 15% 77% 8% 0%
16 The school takes account of my suggestions and concerns. 31% 54% 15% 0%
17 The school keeps me well informed. 43% 36% 14% 7%
18 The school is well led and managed. 36% 57% 7% 0%
19 The school has a varied range of extra-curricular activities. 7% 79% 7% 7%
20 The school buildings and grounds are clean and well-maintained. 36% 64% 0% 0%
21 I would recommend Holy Cross School to other parents. 29% 57% 7% 7%
22  If you want to explain any of your answers, or there is anything else you want us to know please tell us here:
a) Currently the staff team is the strongest and best it's been in years. (In my ninth year as a parent here with three children.)  Both of my children currently at Holy Cross are/have had problems.  The staff have helped me in far more ways than they know and I am truly grateful.  Every step of the way, I am informed, asked if I can/want help etc. I cannot fault them.  Mrs Rowland, Mrs Wise, Mrs Ritchie, Mrs Rae and Mrs Bye - all superstars and I am rather sad we are losing Mrs Bye.  Thank you all (and to everyone else!).
b) We feel as if my child is not doing as well as others.  The teacher tends to give more input to them.
c) Io parlo solo con maestra Mrs Dwyer.  (I only speak to Mrs Dwyer because I don't speak English).
d) It would be great if there were more sports clubs offered at the school, by the school.  Occasionally they have a netball or football tournament with other schools, but they don't play enough as a team.  My daughter is always asked to play but isn't confident enough to want to compete.
e) I don't think that it's the staff or anything the school does that lets it down, but rather the attitude of some of the parents (which you can't do much about!) Thank you for doing a great job!