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Holy Cross

Holy Cross

The first for dreams

About Us

Our School Mission

Holy Cross Church of England Primary School, offers young people a secure and safe place to learn, grow and develop solid values and firm foundations, within God's love.

 Holy Cross Shield

A Little History...

Holy Cross Church of England Primary School was founded in 1850 by members of Holy Cross Church.

The oldest documents in our possession, show that the school was once led by a School Mistress, named as 'Miss Tubb'.

 Uckfield Parochial School

Many schools were established by the National Society through members of churches, before they were provided by the state. Thus, the children of Uckfield were very fortunate to have access to a school, before attendance became a legal obligation,  after the 1870 Education Act was passed.



Looking forward... 

As a Church of England school, we see each child as a unique individual and work to develop their mind, body and spirit.

 School Buildings

We retain strong links with our origins, Holy Cross Church.  The clergy regularly lead school assemblies and the children attend services throughout the school year, for worship, at the church. 

On the basis of our historically strong foundations, we aim to provide the skills, attitudes and values, that will help your children to grow, to take their place in society and make the most of their talents in the coming years.



Shield & Dreams